Head Macaw

My entrepreneurial journey began as a 5-year-old, gathering miscellaneous household items like pincushions and used postcards to sell to my grandfather from behind a three-tiered step ladder for two cents a piece.

The following year I graduated to collating and stapling Garfield comic strips from local newspapers to sell to family members for $1; arguably steep for 1993, but demand was high and my handmade bookmarks were a great value-add for converting budget-conscious consumers.  

Fast forward to the naughties, and I combined my love of business with fitness to run an owner-operator Personal Training business, responsible for marketing, sales, finance, insurance, accreditation, client retention and business development… All in a day’s work. 

When the 5am starts lost their sparkle, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Mass Communication at Queensland University of Technology, majoring in International Journalism & Public Relations. 

At last… I was exactly where I needed to be, doing everything I wanted to do, surrounded by freethinkers who challenged and developed what I knew to be true. 

From performing textual analyses of Alanis Morissette lyrics and planning community festivals, to interviewing animal rights activists and extinguishing hypothetical PR fires, I realised my true calling as a communicator. 

With the help of an internship at The State Library of Queensland, a stint in a hospitality marketing agency and an Upwork account, I rediscovered my entrepreneurial roots post-graduation and began navigating the freelance world as a Copywriter and Social Media Manager. 

Having since worked with some of Australia’s most brilliant marketing and advertising minds to co-ordinate and execute their clients’ marketing campaigns, I’ve gained a well-rounded approach to business development, spanning lead generation, reputation management, the co-dependent relationship between sales and marketing, and the crucial role that copy and communication play in every aspect of business, both internally and externally.

Nowadays, I help socially and environmentally-conscious creatives and entrepreneurs with email marketing, website copy, Facebook & Google Ads copy, social media management, lead generation strategy & content, blog posts, staff bios and partnership programs, to name but a few of the services I offer. 

If you’re a freethinking socially or environmentally-minded business that needs help establishing or growing your brand, get in touch and let’s chat about where you see your business five years from now, and what I can do to help those dreams come true.